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Serving Lodi since 1986

What We Accept


Consistent Quality is how we built our pallet business. We are a full-service pallet company that can build any size, new or used pallet or skid to fit a company’s needs. We provide Heat Treatment services for international shipments with companies currently shipping to Australia and New Zealand. Removal of your unwanted pallets is part of our service.

#1 Industry Standard 48 x 40
We build these with new material or quality recycled wood.

#2 Recycled 48 x 40
Same weight capacity as a #1 with a lower price point.

54 x 48 Custom Pallet
We can build pallets of any size or material to fit our customer's needs.

44 x 44 Square Pallet
2 or 4-way access. We provide these pallets 40 x 40, 42 x 42, 48 x 48.

48 x 40 Block Pallet
Convenient and easy 4-way access good for lifts and pallet jacks.

48 x 40 2-Way Pallet
Same quality construction and 2-Way access saves some budget room.